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Sports facilitiess

Litvínov has sixteen sports grounds. The Ore Mountains (Krušné hory), located nearby, provide an ideal possibilities for summer hiking, winter sports and biking.

About 1 500 metres from the hotel there is an indoor sports hall which may by used for gym football, volley-ball, soccer and tennis. Next to the hall there are ash tennis courts.

Near the hotel premises there are an indoor swimming pool, an open air swimming pool and a fitness centre with an air-conditioned area with a room for body-building, spinning, massages and sauna.

Ivan Hlinka Ice Stadium with two ice rings and a football playground to rent.

Most, the town in vicinity, provides a swimming centre (Aquadrome), horse race ground (Hippodrome), a sheltered shooting ground and a car race circuit (Autodrome) for practicing driving in harder conditions.

The nearby Braňany air field provides sightseeing flights or parachuting jumps.

The location of Litvínov and of the hotel makes it possible to arrange trips to other towns: Prague 90 km, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) 70 km, Pilsen (Plzeň) 130 km, Teplice Spa 25 km.


The nearby Meziboří has an artificially snowed ski run with evening (illuminated) operation.

There are other ski runs in the vicinity: Bouřňák in Teplice area, Klíny and Český Jiřetín. About an hour drive there is the largest ski resort of Klínovec in the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory).



The Loučky Resort offers a unique chance to satisfy your cultural needs.

A small and a large stage provide room for all cultural events starting with small private celebrations up to big concerts of present music stars.

We are inviting you to Litvínov, the town of about thirty thousand inhabitants, located in the southern part of the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory).

A small piedmont town with a church was already functioning in the half of the 14th century. The first record of 1352 mentions Litvínov in the Pope´s tax register. Based on the Pope´s edict the church had to levy a contribution to the king Charles VI of 6 groschens a year.

n essential change of Litvínov occurred when a unique cloth manufacture in Europe was established by count Jan Joseph Waldstein in 1715. In the same year Litvínov was raised to a township with the right to hold annual fair. People in Litvínov commemorate this event with a Waldstein Celebration on each May 1. Since 1852 Litvinov has got the status of a town.

The most important historical monument of Litvínov is the Church of St. Archangel Michael which was erected in the period of time 1685 to 1694 after the plan of the famous Baroque architect Jean-Baptiste Mathey. The Saint Archangel Michael is a patron of the town and Saint Archangel Michael Celebrations commemorate him. Another old monument is the Waldstein Castle built before 1727. The today´s shape comes from the reconstruction in the years 1732 to 1743 after the plan of the architect František Maxmilian Kaňka.



Máchova 1727
436 01 Litvínov

Restaurace:  +420 725 316 434

Tel.: +420 476 000 803

Mob.: +420 720 203 204





GDS/ CRS codes: Amedeus Leprgadr,

Worldspan Leandria, Galileo LE12038, Sabre LE37655

GPS: 50°36’53.889″N, 13°37’24.532″E